WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate out! What you need to do.

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWordPress is consistently undergoing updates by the developers. These updates will have a variety of items included in them, from security fixes to feature updates. How does this effect you? Well you are going to need to update your site very soon when 3.9 goes from release candidate to production. This means WordPress will show an update available in the admin panel of your website. Usually a red circle to the right of dashboard with a number in the middle of it.

Before you update your WordPress site please make sure you have a backup of all of your website files, as well as your database in the event that some incompatibilities arise. Doing so will save you a lot of time, money and hassle.  To get your files, you can connect through FTP to your hosting provider and download everything inside of your websites root folder. To get the database, your hosting provider may provide you with a backup tool that exports it to a file you can download through FTP or you may need to login to phpMyAdmin and manually export the database. If you do login to phpMyAdmin you should be able to click on export right from the home page after logging in, select your database, and then click go. This will download a database backup file (ending with .sql) to your local computer for a backup.

It is always a risk doing a WordPress update with the many different themes and plugins that are out there due to the fact that sometimes the way WordPress operates changes. In this event updates can crash your site. It is always more risky not to update your site because you open up your business site to hackers that may want to steal your client info or just damage your image. It can take months or years to rebuild trust of your clients.

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