Why is updating your site regularly imporant?

You may think once you have gotten your business website online you are all set and all done. This is a common misconception that is costing you money.

Updating your website regularly is extremely important for a multitude of reasons ranging from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to end user experience. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, want to see new relevant content posted on your site regularly. If you are not updating your site, how do search engines know you are still active for your business? They don’t, and neither do the clients and potential clients visiting your site. The more relevant content you are updating your site with, the more visible your site becomes to a wider variety of searches and for your sites main topic.

Updating your site and providing new relevant information to clients helps provide them with more value in your product and services. If you regularly publish a new blog post or add new features / elements / products, your brand is adding more value. Customers want to know that you care as much about them as they do about your service / product.

Additionally it is important to consider your end user experience. Take feedback from your clients on your website and improve upon it. If you are not asking for feedback currently, you may want to start. You can also look at your site yourself and look at how you can simplify the end user’s experience. This will save your clients and you time, and save you money.

It is always important to keep up with the changes in technology, web design, and user interface experience. Keep your business up to date with the latest trends to keep growing and thriving.