Out of Memory? Maybe it’s just hiding from you.



Sometimes you will experience slowness or even errors with your WordPress website stating that you are out of memory. This means the physical memory or RAM the server is allowing your site to use has been maxed out. The limit on a Linux based Apache server is controlled via the php.ini file.

The php.ini file is typically inaccessible if you are on a shared hosting account, however if you run a dedicated server or virtual private server you can access this directly. If you in the majority of customers who run their WordPress site on a shared hosting platform, you can typically create your own file named php.ini and place it in your webroot to override the servers default settings.

Create your own php.ini file:

  • Open your hosting cpanel or control panel at your hosting provider
  • Access the File Manager
  • Go to the top level folder or root of your hosting account (/)
  • Look for or create a new file and name it php.ini
  • Open the file in the built in editor
  • Add the following:┬ámemory_limit = 512M
  • Note: You may change the number 512M to any value you feel necessary, 1024M, 256M, 128M, etc. The higher the better for your site.
  • Go back to your cpanel or control panel home and fine the PHP processes icon and click it.
  • Kill all of the PHP Processes

You now should have an increased memory limit for PHP on your account, assuming your hosting provider allows it.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, members can receive help via our support page!