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The smoothWP Story

smoothWP is founded by Tyler Finzer. Tyler has a background in all things technology. Since he was 7 he started programming webpages in html.  He continued growing his foundation of programming languages through school and work experience ranging from html, css, php, c++ and more. Working with individual clients and small businesses in web design and I.T. through personal ventures and working for large companies such as Go Daddy, it occurred to Tyler that most business owners and website owners were not aware on how to properly maintain and keep proper backups of their WordPress sites in order to protect themselves from disaster. This is where smoothWP came to be born. We are here to provide an exceptional level of support for your WordPress sites, always here for your needs, and always preventing you from a website disaster. We keep your site secure by keeping it up to date and keeping backups in the event of a crash or a successful website hack. You are great at what you do and we are great at keeping sites updated, secure, and safe. We were created to work with businesses and website owners everywhere to give you the support and security you need with your site.

Timely Support

We are here for you to keep your WordPress site running smooth both early in the morning and late at night. We have fast response times and get your issues and updates handled quickly.

Advanced Management Technology

With our industry leading WordPress management software, we are able to secure, maintain, and update your site quickly and efficiently so your WordPress site always stays smooth.

Clear Communication

We provide you with reports so you know exactly how we are keeping your WordPress site running smooth. We always encourage you to reach out to us via our support ticketing or via email, whatever the need we are here for you.

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